About us

We are a team of professionals specialized in different sectors of the entertainment world

that from more than twenty years help emerging talents in their artistic journey.

CP Music comes from our passion for music and new technologies:

we felt the need to create a secure, transparent and young music distribution platform 

for those who want to spread their creations.

We have always worked both with great well-known artists and with young promises

and we support the members of our community throughout the professional path,

including the delicate phase of the promotion through the most powerful channels, from radio to social networks.

Our knowledge of the national and international music scene, of new technologies and management

can help to pave the way for those facing for the first time in this world.

If you want to really get anywhere with your music, you have to keep on creating it by making

a commitment, constancy and passion, without distractions.

We'll take care of the rest.

Contact us to find out what CP Music can do for you!

Distribution and Sharing

We distribute and share your songs on the major digital music channels.

We give voice to your Talent

We enhance your music and bring it out.


We guarantee 100% of the proceeds obtained through digital download and streaming.


We are a recording mediation company that has been working with emerging artists for years and we like doing it putting our heart and experience, our winning combination. CP Music is a project by Check Production and CP and Partners.

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